Never-before-seen collection showcased in San Diego County

Solana Beach, CA — Some of the most iconic Dr. Seuss artwork has returned to San Diego County for the public to enjoy again.

The collection is located in the Exclusive Collection Gallery in the Sedros Design District of Solana Beach. Includes original renderings, illustrations and paintings you’ve never seen before.

“This is the largest collection of Dr. Seuss’s art everywhere,” said Ruth Ann Thorne, owner of the EC gallery.

Original works that can be seen in the gallery include “Cat in a Hat”, “Who Houghton Listens to!”, “Green Eggs and Ham”, and “How Grinch Steals Christmas”.

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The gallery has a collection of paintings that are available all year round, but the unique artwork is Dr. Seuss’s paintings that have never been seen before.

“Many people don’t know that Theodore Geisel is a painter,” Thorn said of La Jolla’s famous children’s writer. “So he created something like this at night just for his own enjoyment. He really enjoyed the painting. He never actually made it publicly available.”

Thorn added that when he died, his wife was kind enough to open his paintings to the public.

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“I think it’s really special to see one of the most important American artists,” Thorn said. “He really influenced us all for generations.”

Thorn says he had to wait a very long time for the collection to become available. This is the third year since I got the collection. She wants to have artwork again next year.

NS Collection will be available Read Dr. Seuss’s book every Sunday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm for free until December 31st.

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